Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Step By Step Guide.

I had planned to purchase a capture card to obtain high quality images for this tutorial, but I wanted to get this out as soon as possible for everyone to take advantage of so I opted to use my SLR camera.

Please be cautious when using this tutorial, I am not sure what will happen if you get caught cheating Microsoft out of their overpriced points.

Please note: This glitch only works for those who use a Mastercard to purchase their content on Xbox Live.

Make sure to follow this guide to the T, otherwise it will not work, each step is necessary in the correct order.

Step One
Firstly you're going to have to clear your Xbox 360's Hard Drive System Cache, this is going to remove the patches which Microsoft have made compulsory in order to allow the glitch to work. Go to the 'My Xbox' menu and then scroll across all the way to the right, and select 'System Settings'.

Now select 'Memory'.

Now highlight your primary storage device, this must be a HDD, a memory card will not work. Once highlighted, press Y to open 'Device Options'.

Then select 'Clear System Cache'. After a brief moment the Cache will be cleared.

Now you will need to Restart your Xbox.

Step Two
After powering your Xbox back on, sign in to Xbox Live, go to the Xbox Live Marketplace and then choose any Xbox Live Arcade game which requires Microsoft Points to purchase. Select 'Buy'.

(I have tried this on a few various arcade games but cannot guarantee reliability with all of them).

Now select 'Usage Restrictions'.

Once you are at this screen, you will need to disconnect your Xbox 360 console from Xbox Live (by either unplugging the network cable or the USB wireless adaptor).

Now reconnect your console to Xbox Live.

Step Three
Once you are connected to Xbox Live again, go back into the Xbox Live Arcade game you previously opted to use for the purpose of this glitch. Select 'Buy' again, then 'Add Points'.

You will need to view the 'Terms of Use', just make sure you see the following text and all should be fine, then press B to go back to the previous menu.

Now, select the amount of Microsoft Points you would like, naturally I am going to go for the largest which is 6000.

Now choose 'Change Payment Option'.

Now choose 'Redeem Code'.

Now type in XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX and press the start button.

Don't stress, this code will be deemed not valid but it is a vital part of the process. Go ahead and press 'Cancel'.

Now simply select 'Confirm Purchase' and if you have followed every step of this guide you will be rewarded with the amount of Microsoft Points you previously selected, free of charge.

I'm sure many will find enjoyment from this guide, I am not sure how long it will be before this method is patched so you will need to get in quickly and exploit it. I hope you will appreciate this, if so, follow my blog and stay connected for future updates.


  1. Video please? I don't know if I'm doing it right, because after I do redeem code and cancel it brings me back to payment method.

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